Take Two Skoki

duration 14:07 min
Edit/camera/consept: Aleksi Jaakkola 
Performing & consept: Juha Hilpas
Take Two Skoki is an audiovisual story that dives in a rythm of metallic sounds from rail tracks, as a iron curtain the rail track imagery holds back the secrets ofthe story only occasionally one gets tastes from the other side. Video was filmed in Poland, Skoki during a "Ground project" workshop. Take two is a pair video for "Take One" which, for contrary, is one take video unlike Take two. 2012, 16:9 HD video, colour, stereo
Síðasta skipsferðin

duration 5:10 min
directing, camera and editing: Aleksi Jaakkola 
music: Baldvin Ingvar Tryggvason & Einar Bjartur Egilsson 
composer: Finnur Sigurjón Sveinbjarnarson
actor: avs 2012
Síðasta skipsferðin is a collaboration between composer Finnur Sveinbjarnarson and Aleksi Jaakkola. The footage was filmed before the composition was made. The music track in video is recorded from a live concert at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, on the 21st of January 2012.

duration 3:06 min
Aleksi Jaakkola
Reality is often different what we perceive, in this video work the view looks mystical but the whole picture would be completely different without clouds/fog and angry birds. But do we have to know the whole thruth.

duration 4:39 min
Aleksi Jaakkola

If there could be a building as person, this building would be just like me. The main actor is an old cranary house, which has been mostly unused after the collaption of Soviet Union. Inside are monumental machines waiting to be started once again with a layer of dust on them, but anyhow, there is cent of hope in the air. The video is dealing a personal dilemmas, dilemma to not be able to commit, never close the door behind you. The building is located in south of Estonia, in Mooste village near by the Russian border.

duration 4:08 min
Aleksi Jaakkola
(installation video, square space, black reflecting walls, sealing, and projection wall, dimensions varies) 

A line is just a stretched dot. Lines are moving. Do the lines know where are their ends or are they just dots but they look like lines.

duration 13:54 min
Aleksi Jaakkola
actor: AJ

This whole thing is melting to our hands.How long one can be still and do nothing when a block of Ice cream is melting in your hands. If would done something would that made a difference. This video work refers to the mankind that is aware of consequential happenings in our planet but are they willing to do something to change the cause of action.