Ten words of Gihcijohka

Ten words of Gihcijohka

Ten sound recordings from Gihcijohka river.

Theme was to think ten words during a hike and I decided to have a waterfall to talk the words. In a fact, by a waterfall, one can hear all the hearable frequencies at same time.

This was part of a workshop at Kilpisjärvi, Finland; Mapping the Site – Ultimate Space, 23 – 30.08. Collaboration with St Lucas University College of Art & Design, Antwerp, Belgium,Aalto University, Departement of Art & Design, Ma in Environmental Art and Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, Florida.


Lightwaves and Venus

n this video clip I show my studies of the sunlight reflections coming from a calm sea surface. The angle of the sun in relation to the waves was low. What I did, I just simply captured the wave-lights from thin white paper to my video recorder. And at the beginning of the clip, you could see Venus planet crossing the sun. That morning, when this phenomenon happened, was cloudy and after few hours of waiting I was rewarded with a small opening in clouds and I could enjoy less than four minutes of that show. Next time Venus will cross the Sun year 2247 in Finland.


HANGO123 from Aleksi Jaakkola on Vimeo.

HANGO123 is inspired by a happening of ‘Finished and Last-Minute Videos’ at Muu Galleria. The video was quickly made nite before. Video consist a series of slide photographs of color lights, footage from Hango road, sun with venus passing by and some Polish airspace. Music is from ‘Apparat Organ Quartet’.