Ämmänpäre panorama1

“Ämmänpäre”, Corten-steel 4 m x 3,6 m, 2 x Lumenpulse Lumenbeam LBX, 4 x Lumenpulse Lumenbeam Large, 2 x acrylic class, 2018

Public art work,  Suomussalmi, Finland


“Essence of Koli”, 23 cm x 12 mouth-blown glass, extract, wax seal, 2017

In collaboration with Harri Piispanen / Kansallisromantikot project


“CUBE” , 40 cm x 40 cm x 35, Agar jelly cube, 2016
12th Environmental Art Exhibition in Kivinokka, Helsinki, Finland, 1.7. – 25.8.2016

The CUBE, an open invitation for living organism to occupy and consume the man-made form. The sculpture disappeared only offering a platform for various life forms for a period of time. By bringing a cubical object to nature is a metaphorical act of shaping the environment.


“Trip in the Bag” , seven eggs with images inside, a bag, video projection, 2014
Gallerie Toolbox, Berlin, Germany

A Microcosmos in a bag, as small as an egg — something big captured in small… My work is portraying a theme of the origin of present in a small scale with contemporary imagery. By giving a mythological disguise to the present, Jaakkola wants to investigate the changes in life and our environment by capturing moments. The seized moments are unique and fragile and they can break as easily as an egg shell.
In a nutshell: a series of eggs with images inside made by camera 

VIDEO INSTALLATION “PATHS”, two channel video installation on hanging plexi plates with surround sound, 2013

“PATHS”, two channel video installation on hanging plexi plates with surround sound, 2013

A compulsory journey without a clear destination.
Attraction and magnetism of opposing dominates these journeys. There is no option to stop, on contrary, they must go on , even thou, the destination is not clear.

Characteristically our present time requires better performance, more, faster, to be able to gain things without knowing exactly why. To drop out from this spin would not be seen as an expectable thing by the society.

The material for the video has been captured as different location as possible, from the dark forest in the oldest bedrock in the earth to an open lava field in the youngest land in the earth. As a backbone of the video, I have created a narrative story of longing seasoned with a beautiful landscape.

This video work has been produced in a way that each video channels could work out as an individual piece as well as together.

Dur: 00:11:14 Video: HD 16:9, color, Sound: Surround 5.1
Directing/editing/filming: Aleksi Jaakkola
Audio & Music: Finnur Sigurjón Sveinbjarnarson
Performing: Justus Keinänen & Margrét Vala Guðmundsdóttir
Camera assistant: Velijoonas Jokinen


Nature Sculpture

“ROOTS” Österbotten, Finland, 2013
wood, paint

SAUNA / SOCIAL SCULPTURE “UGRISWEAT” An Indian style sweat tent., Skoki, Poland, 2012 Location: 52.674525,17.155401 With: Piret Karro, Kristin Orav, Juha Hilpas

“UGRISWEAT” An Indian style sweat tent., Skoki, Poland, 2012
Location: 52.674525,17.155401
With: Piret Karro, Kristin Orav, Juha Hilpas

During the construction stages of the Ugrisweat, collection an excessive amount of stones and firewood was conducted.
After eleven hours of heating rituals, the Ugrisweat sauna project was concluded by a social event, where people gathered in the sauna. On that dark spring night in the countryside of Poland, in a steamy hot tent full of fellow “Groundians” (workshop participants) sitting by candlelight, the essence of that workshop was summed up.

PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDY OF TIME/LIGHT/SUBJECT OF SIGNIFICANCE “15&15” , Fluðir, Iceland, 2012 15 photographs, dimensions variable

“15&15” , Fluðir, Iceland, 2012, 15 photographs, dimensions variable
PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDY OF TIME/LIGHT/SUBJECT OF SIGNIFICANCE “15&15 II” , Fluðir, Iceland, 2012 15 photographs, dimensions variable

“15&15 II” , Fluðir, Iceland, 2012,  15 photographs, dimensions variable


Two times fifteen frames taken in fifteen minutes. Every frame taken within 30 seconds. Frames were taken to light sensitive film 3200 ISO.The first sequence, a cairn (heap of stones ) in a dominant role of landscape images. Frames documented with rotation (clockwise) around the landmark.

The second sequence, the cairn’s hidden central role, behind the photographer. Frames documented clockwise.

Installation view: 15 &15 installation animation from Aleksi Jaakkola on Vimeo.

15&15 1 web



“REYKJAVIK WALK MAP” , (06.07 – 15.08), Iceland, 2012
32 hand drawn maps, 212,2 km, B&W and color film photographs.

During a period 06.07 – 15.08.2012 thirty-one walks were made in and around Reykjavik area. Routes were randomly chosen despite few planned longer walks. The aim was to get data to investigate clusters and reasons behind them, for example, tunnel under a junction, park or visual reasons.


Live Performance: “Free Dinner” Là-bas Biennale for experimenta live art, Market Square, Helsinki, produced and conceived by Shinji Kanki. 28.04.2012

“FREE DINNER”, Market Square, Helsinki, Finland, 2012
La-bas Biennale for experimental live art. Eight kilograms of Baltic herring, hat, coat and protective eye wear. Conceived by Shinji Kanki.

Free dinner web

Both in animal and the human world exist a basic instinct, personal gain, on the other words, greed on certain conditions. An advantage will be taken when possible. The performance explored if that instinct occurred in public place, a place with famously greed seagulls and a flow of people. The aim was to create a sound of greed or was is just one weirdo dressed in herring jacket sharing a fish.

Duration: 35 ‘