The landscape is recurrently the context and the source of my inspiration varying from Arctic tundra to cityscapes and from micro level to infinity.

Observations, bodily experiences, and using senses are essential in my practice that links my processes in connection with the spirit of past time explorers. In my praxis, multiple mediums are combined. In many instances photography and film are involved, if not as the main instruments they are used as a tools of documentation. On the other hand, as a curious mind, I am drawn to new methods and mediums accordingly.

Journey and investigative observations are in the core of my art. The collected fragments and reflections are brought together as an installations, which becomes a new environment. The combination of different medias and fragments could relieve ta complex relationship between landscape, nature and culture from new perspective. In this light my work could create new information or highlight unconventional aspects that is partly a purpose of academic context in science.

I do admire the early time scientists and artists, which went to the edges of the known to study and document the mysterious lands at the end of the world. At the present, the world has shrunk and those times are over. My aim is to observe the changes that the Arctic area is facing and possible be there to influence the direction of the cause.


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